Lizette and her husband, Lodewyk
Weightless to rise  |  September 2013




Lizette and I met at a picnic a mutual friend of ours was hosting. I instantly wanted to get to know her better. I recall seeing her again at other get-togethers after that, but then we didn’t bump into one another for a while. I thought about her often. She later joined our church and we happened to be in a space where we, together with two other friends, were all not working at the time. We shared our love for baking by getting together every Thursday to try a new recipe.

It was an amazing season of regular fellowship with one another. I used to think she was really shy and a complete introvert, but after seeing her gain freedom from bipolar depression, I realised this struggle had taken more than her peace of mind – it had clouded a part of her identity. She is crazy (in a good way), fun, a very good listener and loves beautiful things. The more I get to know her, the more I discover the hidden gem that she is. My heart longed for her to document her story of Jesus bringing freedom to the point of real joy. She was on board with the book right from the beginning and always believed in the vision God gave me. Lizette lives in George with her husband Lodewyk.



This was one of the first illustrations I ever drew. Based on Hebrews 12:1, it depicts a feeling of freedom as we let go of the things that want to weigh down and keep us bound.

While reading Lizette’s story, I was reminded (and extremely thankful) that I don’t have to drag around heavy burdens. There is peace instead of heaviness – a relieving lightheartedness. There is freedom to mount up, to rise up, and to know the freedom for which Christ has made us free. (Galatians 5:1)