Lenka at our Wholeheartedly Free breakfast

Immerse  |  November 2014

At the opening of her exhibition, Calling Forth Beauty




I am married to Lenka’s older brother, Stefan. She is not just my SIL (sister-in-law); she is also my friend. I love her tender heart, especially when I get to hear what’s going on inside of it over a warm cup of tea. I have walked closely with her on the journey of launching Khanja (the illustrations that you see in the book).

When I started praying about this project, there was no doubt in my mind that Lenka should share her journey of breaking free from the perceived safety of the cage. Thankfully, she agreed and was the first to submit her story. While reading it, I was overwhelmed by her boldness to share honestly and in detail. This approach highlighted a crucial aspect I hoped to see in every story that followed. She is a step ahead of me in terms of pioneering a vision and often throughout the journey of birthing this book, I turned to her for much needed guidance and encouragement. What an honour that I get to collaborate with my very own sister in seeing the Kingdom come. Lenka is twenty-six years old and lives in Cape Town.



Created and chosen
Trust; no lifebuoy required. The lifebuoy represents the things in my life I rely on to keep me safe. God asked me to let go of this false sense of security, to trust in Him and not myself or anything else in this world. It might sometimes feel that the things God asks of us will lead to our destruction, but I have come to know that whatever He asks is an opportunity for us to know more of His fullness. I want to encourage you to be bold in your obedience to God. He is trustworthy and all his ways are good, every one of them leads to life. (Psalm 18:30)