Elke and her daughter, Reima

Limitless Beyond  |  June 2015

Elke’s sister and brother-in-law, with their daughter




Some of you will know Elke’s story – maybe because it is inspiring to the point that many people are talking about it. We recently found out our connection goes back to our great grandparents being neighbouring farmers in Namibia. Our more recent connection was established a few years ago through mutual friends. In the early stages of praying about the storytellers, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and the ripple effect that has already come from her obedience and faith to adopt a child as a single thirty-five year old woman.

I was excited to share the vision of the book and invite her to be a part of it. I wanted to do this in person – a little problem, as I am currently based in Johannesburg and she lives in Cape Town. Thankfully I found out that we would soon both be at Marionette’s (another of our storytellers) wedding. We got to sit down at the wedding reception over a warm bowl of soup as she shared her story with me. Well, for me the writing was on the wall. Hearing of the way God had woven this love story together and her faith to obey, I knew this was a message that needed a platform. Elke lives in Stellenbosch and divides her time between freelance design work and running Bright Owl Paper Goods.



Fearless. Determined. Free. These are the words that came to mind as I drew this little girl. She inspired me to pursue childlike faith – belief beyond borders. Far beyond worldly limitations, expectations, and perceived probability, lives possibility. For all who dare to believe beyond what we can see. (Matthew 18:1-5)

I kept seeing this little girl as I read Elke’s story. By faith she reached for God’s promises, even though it didn’t make sense in her known reality. Childlike faith led to knowing the goodness of a perfect Father. (This illustration was drawn at the same time as Elke received news that she had been chosen to adopt a little girl, without us having any contact or insight in each other’s lives at that time.)

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You can see photos of Reima’s homecoming here.