Bernice and Herman with their daughters

Should I believe?  |  April 2016

Bernice and Herman with David




Bernice, I can proudly say, is one of my best friends, although that wasn’t always the case. She didn’t quite open up to me as quickly as I had hoped when we first met, but I believed she was worth fighting for. I persistently made an effort to connect with her and, well, she didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter. Seven years ago, while I was wishing for a man to look my way, she was twenty-three, married and pregnant with her first baby. We were so excited.

I was with her and her husband, Herman, at the hospital during the time of David’s birth. Her story is very close to my heart and I was a firsthand witness of how the days and weeks unfolded after their loss. When I approached Bernice to document her story she didn’t act surprised, but rather confessed that a year prior to that God had been speaking to her about writing a book. She says she now realises this is the book. God is good to prepare our hearts. Bernice and her family live in Stellenbosch and she is expecting her fourth child.



A choice to trust in the promise of God in a time when I couldn’t see the outcome. In the midst of great personal loss, I felt God asking me to surrender my pain as a seed, and allow Him the work it together for His good. It seemed unnatural as nothing about it felt good – it hurt. Still, He was with me, telling me, “You can let go, that which you surrender will not be lost, nothing is wasted with Me – all things entrusted to Me will lead to life.” The boy in the drawing throws his seed into a hole in the ground, not knowing where it will fall or if it will grow – he lets go of it without seeing the life that has already sprung up below the surface.

I didn’t know Bernice’s story when I drew this illustration, but as I read it I knew that it was drawn as a reminder of God’s promise to her, a sign of His personal care and commitment towards her family. Nothing is wasted with Him, all that is sown brings forth life. (John 12:24)